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Ocean Institute: Deep Dive into Data | Online course

March 20 - 30, 2023


Mon, Mar 20, 2023 5:00 PM – Thu, Mar 30, 2023 4:00 PM ADT

Now more than ever, digital skills and data literacy are in high demand, particularly in the marine technology sector. The Deep Dive into Data program, created by COVE provides engaging tutorials and activities to support secondary level school teachers in understanding the use of data and coding in classrooms.

During this online course, teachers will become familiar with a curriculum designed to pair marine technology and real-time data collected from the ocean. This course also has curriculum ties to a variety of science and math courses at the secondary level. The interactive activities will foster critical thinking, data analyses and interpretation that you will take back to your classrooms. This engaging course will allow your students to dive into ocean data exploration through group activities and coding tasks, to navigate real-world situations using creative approaches and valuable skill development used in marine sector work.

This is an online course that allows educators to work at their own pace and covers topics and activities including:

• Challenges of bringing data and coding to the classroom

• The role of data and other information in gaining a holistic understanding of the ocean

• Data interpretation

• Understanding the skills gained during exploratory data analyses and coding tasks

• Exploratory analyses of real ocean data sets using coding to uncover interesting information and complete objectives

You will leave with a versatile toolkit of resources which includes:

• Activities

• Case studies

• Coding tutorials which use code for data analyses

• Additional educator resources (mini lessons and hands-on activities, Indigenous Knowledges and learning in the classroom, assessment tools, and more)

Once you complete the online course, you will be mailed a lab kit (valued at $300) to implement into your teachings and allow students to explore ocean acidification.

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