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Are you a teacher, professor, curriculum developer, school administrator, or environmental educator? Do you want to find high quality teaching materials, share your knowledge with other educators, or discuss the successes and challenges you face in climate change education? This is a great platform for you to connect, learn and exchange knowledge with New Brunswick educators and beyond.

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Have something that is working great for you in your class, or have you created lesson plans you would like to offer to others or get feedback on? Post it on the Share tab and get involved! Looking for free materials to use in your classes or for inspiration on building curriculum? The Resources tab is where you will find them!

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Looking to meet or talk with other educators and get peer-to-peer encouragement and support? Check the Calendar for climate education events happening near you! Want to tap into your community for advice or to share successes? Head to the Forums and get connected!


Have a question you’d like to ask your community? Want to connect with other educators who are actively fighting climate change in and outside the classroom? Looking for tips and tricks on bringing the best to your students? The forums are the place for you!


Find out what’s new in your community, see which activities are working, share your favourite lesson plans with others, or upload your own materials for others to use and comment on!


Browse through websites with a vast array of climate change education content and professional learning resources.


You may sometimes feel you are struggling to teach these subjects, but you are not alone! Sign in to see the others in New Brunswick and beyond who are taking action through education.


Find and publish online and in-person events about climate change education, including webinars, conferences, workshops, networking opportunities, and more!

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