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Artist’s statement:

The idea for this song is that it’s a girl in an apocalypse situation. Due to Climate Change she is the last person on earth. The set up is that she is looking over the barren landscape that is her home and crying out her feelings. I wanted the timbre of the song to sound very wistful and painful. To do that I added lots of held notes that have a darker sound in the voice. (0:53-1:17) I’ve added crescendos and decrescendos through the song to add different inflections and variation.(1:02, 2:59) The melody tends to stay in the same range throughout the song. The pitch is lower so that it sounds more natural to listen too. (0:10-0:43) There’s no need to impress anyone with a high note if you’re the last person on earth though as emotions build there are more notes in the rafters. The idea is that the character who is singing is broken. It’s going to take a lot for her to release a bigger, louder, higher sound. Rhythmically, I wanted the first verse to sound like the rocking of a boat. (0:10-0:43) I think it gives an unsettling feeling which immediately puts the listener in the right headspace. The piano matches the dynamics of the voice. I want it to feel like the voice is leading the song. If this were a real scenario her voice would be being eaten up by the outside world she is singing in by there only being one other instrument it allows as to get the same effect.

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