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Artist’s statement:

Aside from the apparent lyrics about climate change, I used multiple elements and effects to convey the anger people have towards climate change. Some of the elements used are dynamics, rhythm, texture, and timbre. Certain parts of the song, like the nature aspects, start off as piano, crescendos to forte then diminuendos to silence. These dynamic changes were used purposefully to show how fragile nature is and how slowly over time nature builds and then disappears again. This dynamic pattern was also used to show the onset of industrialism and then the eventual collapse that will happen and a return to nature. The guitar has a steady rhythmic beat at a moderate tempo of 100 bpm. 100 bpm is an average tempo that can convey energy but, if the right instruments are used, it can also convey calmness. I chose to stay at the same tempo for the entire song because I wanted to create the predictability of climate change. For texture, I used field recordings of birds, water and walking through the snow. These were my nature aspects and then as the song progresses, each of the different individual sounds are slowly replaced by other field recordings. These recordings are city noises (traffic, car horns, construction and people at the mall). The overlapping sounds create a polyphonic texture. Throughout the song there are different textures which show the different phases of our environment. Due to the instruments and recordings used the timbre of the song at the beginning is very soft, sweet and light. Then the song becomes feistier and richer. I used this as a metaphor not only for the change in the environment, but also for how it feels to grow up during climate change.



Problems for my children that’s what they say,

They’re done explaining all their guilt away.

Throw money at it till it goes away.




Discriminated to the very top.

Groundbreaking almost every rock.

The earth is warming can we make it stop?


Use that for marketing.


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