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The Knowledge Garden

Artist’s statement:

Climate and Creativity Grant gave us the opportunity to develop a goal for DRHS to have a functional outdoor learning space. This initiative sparked our creative side and so many great ideas came from it. What we were able to complete with this grant is just the start of something amazing. This space will be an ongoing initiative that will require several years to fully bring the vision to life! Many of the future projects involved in this space will be great learning opportunities for those involved. Future goals for the space include adding cultural components, rainwater collection barrels and a self-watering system created by one of our Essential Skills students following a Plumbing pathway, and greenhouse and gardening components to just name a few. As the years go by and some members of this initiative graduate it will provide a great opportunity for DRHS to involve new members, and hopefully collaborate with new partners which will allow many students/educators to leave their mark at DRHS by being part of the creation of The Knowledge Garden.

Here’s one more of the many projects that have been submitted