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Past, Present, Future

Artist’s statement:

The piece starts off with a conjunct and simple melody. It’s all written in C Major so that it sounds very tonally pleasant. Most of the intervals between the two lines are in major thirds so that when it’s played, the sound is more round and doesn’t have a harsh clash to each note. This signifies the past, where we didn’t mess with nature as much and there wasn’t a lot of damage done to it. The second part is when the key change happens. This is when the piece is more centered to the present-day things that are taking place. Here the piece changes key to be in a b flat major so that it’s darker than the passage before. In this passage, the song has more sixteenth notes and I purposely made it a bit more disjunct between both lines. I also added some A flats so that it could invoke a sadder feeling in the listener.   The last part goes back to C Major so that would signify the future that maybe we can undo our past mistakes and correct our behaviors. In that section, I introduced some triplets to signify that maybe we might have a new type of technology that will help us in making the planet greener. Although the timbre of the violin on Noteflight is weird, I think that some dynamics could be put in when I play the piece. The beginning should be in a softer dynamic while as it gets closer to the key change, we could have some tension building up in the bottom violin section. This should make the listener have feel like it’s getting more tense. After the key change, the overall dynamics should be forte to have and emphasis on the clashes of the notes. This signifies the negative things we have done as a society to the planet and how it will carry on even after we, the current generation, are gone from the planet. The last section will go back to the more gentle and soft dynamics to give hope that we, as a society, can overcome this hurdle that we created for ourselves and that we can continue to better the planet.

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