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Night Sky

Artist’s statement:

I name the piece “Night Sky.” The piece is supposed to represent the stars and breezes at night. In the song, the piano part is highlighted, like the bright stars, guiding people’s way in the dark. The song starts with piano in a higher octave, skipping, which can represent the stars blinking at night. Then the melody played by the violin comes in; it is very conjunct, like the wind and calms people down. After 40 seconds, the music becomes a polyphonic texture; the violin and the piano both stand out and play a crucial part in the song. The best part kicks in around the one-minute mark, like voyagers travelling with the guide of the bright stars. I used some bigger jumps during this part but resolved them down with steps and small skips. The melody settles down around the 90-second mark, leaving only the piano left; if the previous section were like a meteor shower, this would be 15 seconds of calm and little stars blinking. This piece is intended to remind people of the beautiful skies we have had and the stars we could see when light pollution didn’t exist.

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