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Natural Curiosity in Community: Sustaining Environmental Inquiry Beyond Earth Month

April 27, 2022 - -

Welcome to our eighth webinar of the school year, Natural Curiosity in Community: Sustaining Environmental Inquiry Beyond Earth Month, taking place on Wednesday, April 27th, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM ET. In celebration of Earth Month, Raadiyah Nazeem (Grade 1 Teacher, JICS Lab School) and Krista Spence (Teacher-Librarian & Land-Based Education Resource Teacher, JICS Lab School) will explore Natural Curiosity – the four branches of environmental inquiry, deepened by Indigenous perspectives articulated by Doug Anderson – through the powerful lens of community. How can we design, grow, and sustain meaningful inquiries that bring students more deeply and actively rooted in their outdoor spaces and community, guided by the question of how Indigenous and diverse perspectives can ethically inform this learning process? How can the lens of community broaden our definition of environmental education, and be activated through student agency to empower an understanding of their role and responsibility to one another, and to the natural world? Using examples and resources from their exemplary teaching practice, Raadiyah and Krista will explore the potential of community-focused inquiries as a catalyst for all learners to engage in experiential and integrated learning about food, water, waste, plants and animals, stories, treaties, and all that binds us in the integrated nature of the environment and communities in which we live.

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