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LSF – Immerse Yourself in Nature: Outdoor Learning in French Immersion (K-8)

November 23, 2022 - -


Are you wondering how to start an outdoor learning program for students learning French as an additional language? Where do you begin? How do students improve their oral communication skills if they are “playing” to learn? What about reading and writing skills? This webinar is designed for K-8 French teachers with a special focus on French Immersion and Core French programs. Strategies on how to get started, design meaningful learning tasks, and many French resources will be explored! Tout le monde est bienvenu!

Note: This webinar presents examples of work from K-8 but is applicable to any grade level. In addition, this session will be presented in French for those who teach French as a second language or who are French immersion teachers.

Wednesday, Nov 23 • 7-8pm EDT
45min webinar + 15min Q&A/discussion

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