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Baby, it’s cold outside: leading outdoor learning experiences (even when it’s cold)

September 21, 2022 - -


Date and time: Wednesday, Sept. 21st, 2022 at 6:30-7:30 pm ET/7:30-8:30 pm AT

Nature provides year-round learning opportunities for kids—even when it’s cold! Join Project Learning Tree in a webinar exploring strategies that make the most of winters outdoors and discover fun, hands-on nature activities.

Getting ready for the webinar

Materials Needed:

2-3 sheets of paper

Something to color with like crayon or colored pencil



2 pages from an old calendar or magazine (alternatively: 1 sheet of construction paper)

1 thick rubber band

1 stick 6″-8″ long, no wider than your pinky finger (alternatively: 1 full-length pencil)

A natural object

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