LSF’s newest climate change survey aims to assess Canadians’ knowledge, understanding, and perceptions of climate change and its risks, and to explore views on climate change education in Canada. This survey compares current results to our 2019 benchmark survey and provides recommendations to all sectors to support climate learning. 

These results illustrate how the general public, teachers, parents, and students view climate change education in Canadian schools. Each target group provides insights on the role schools should play and what support teachers and students require to address climate change in their classrooms. While 81 % of Canadians are aware that climate change is happening, only 55% understand that greenhouse gas emissions are the primary cause. Only 17% think that Government is doing a good job on climate change. Half of Canadians believe that climate change is causing mental health issues or worsening them.

LSF conducted this research, Leger Research Intelligence Group provided data collection and analysis. This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

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