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Nature vs. Construction

Artist’s statement:

For the instruments I used a flute and an oboe to represent nature and different percussion to represent construction. When nature was flourishing the flute was happily singing in F major. The piano played mostly sixteenth notes to feel “chipper.” The tubo was like a slow introduction to the beginning of construction. There is a gradual crescendo. The tubo is replaced with a harder sounding timpani, then a cymbal smashes stopping all the music. This is meant to illustrate construction winning a battle. For example, cutting down a forest. The flute is replaced with a sadder, deeper sounding oboe and it sings in ¾ time. The piano is used to keep tempo and a violin plays perfect intervals and the occasional harmony. Eventually the piano gets quicker and plays a taunting ostinato. The oboe continues to sing, like fighting for its place in the song or on Earth but eventually stops playing. The tubo comes back as well as wind chimes to sound like a train. This represents construction beginning to thrive. The song gets quicker and quicker until one last dispute between nature and construction until construction ultimately wins.

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