*ressource en anglais seulement* The Indigenous land-based learning: A learning perspective resource was developed to
demonstrate the journey of four ETFO writers whose perspectives of Indigenous landbased learning grew through a process of self-reflection, an interview with an Indigenous advisor (knowledge holder) and exploration and summary of relevant resources and tips for educators. The Indigenous advisors discussed what land-based learning meant to them; each sharing a personal experience that was specifically related to their cultural identity and their relationship to the Land. To capture the learning journey, each ETFO writer was invited to record and define what Indigenous land-based learning meant to them at that moment in time. The writers developed interview questions and were paired with an Indigenous advisor from a different cultural background from theirs. The conversations provided a fruitful learning experience; expanding the perspectives of each writer. Finally, the writers explored relevant resources and included tips for self-learning practices that educators can use when embarking on a learning journey that includes connecting to the Land. It is with hope that ETFO members will take a reflective approach in their learning journey and renew their relationship with the Land and Indigenous Peoples.

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