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Seeds for Change – Student Leadership and Sustainability Summit 2023

January 26 - 28, 2023


ASLS is a 3-day nation-wide leadership conference open to both high school and post-secondary students, online and in-person!

See what’s happening at ASLS 2023 here!

Seeds for Change represents the growth that can be seen in a community through care and effort. It also highlights the need for lasting change through strong foundations being put in place for a better future. While understanding the importance of hope and equity, Seeds for Change acknowledges the work beginning now to see a payoff in the future.

At ASLS 2023, our sessions will cover topics in 4 streams:

Sustainability: Sustainability is more than just the environment! This stream will focus on the four pillars of sustainability (social, human, economic, and environmental) to ensure that we are uplifting all areas of our world in a sustainable way.

Community Organizing: Change starts at the community level! In this stream, you will hear from community organizers involved in different issues that affect their communities and how they took the steps to start organizing to change those issues.

Governance: Are you ready to start making big decisions for your communities? Getting involved in governance at any level is integral to creating long lasting and meaningful change. This stream will focus on why you should be involved in governance at any level and how to effect change through government structures.

Leadership Fundamentals: What does it mean to be a leader? In this stream, we will focus on developing skills and attitudes towards leadership that empower students to practise leadership in their own communities. Leadership is a collection of skills that can be taught, practised, and implemented in every day life.

Register for the virtual portion of the conference here.

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