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Regenerative Hope: Biocultural Diversity and Learning Gardens

October 20, 2021 - -

Loss of biocultural diversity, climate change urgencies, violence and hate crimes, increasing inequality between the rich and the poor, and most recently the outbreak of COVID-19—these are but a few gloom and doom realities that we have to confront daily in our lives and in our work settings in schools, colleges, and universities. What is there not to despair? Cynicism, hopelessness, and resignation can only paralyze us. Fortunately, despite the ecological, social, economic, and political realities and pressures, there are many children, youth, educators, and communities who have heeded feminist poet Adrienne Rich’s invitation to “stand on the first page of the end of despair.” Join Dr. Dilafruz Williams as she shares stories of schools across the US and Canada where down-to-earth engagement with life’s lessons in learning gardens brings regenerative possibilities of hope. Hosted by OISE’s Learning Garden & OISE Wellness, this talk is sponsored by TDFEF.

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