Actif Pour La Vie: Transmettre le plaisir de bouger

Ressources pour les éducateurs, les gardiens, les animateurs de camp et les animateurs de programme parascolaire qui veulent enseigner la littératie physique aux enfants. Actif pour la vie est une initiative nationale créée dans le but d’aider les parents à donner un bon départ à leurs enfants en cultivant chez eux la littératie physique.

Countryside Classroom

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* Countryside Classroom helps teachers to find resources, places to visit and school support relating to the themes of food, farming and the natural environment. Our site contains a range of quality assured educational content from hundreds of contributors. We aim to inspire and enable teachers to use food, farming and the […]

Connecting Youth With Nature

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* Children who spend time in nature are also healthier and more likely to care for nature as adults. Teachers across Canada agree! They’ve downloaded more than 10,000 copies of our educational guides. From coast to coast to coast, educators are taking their students outside. And they’re reporting that it’s good for […]

Flood: Ed Challenge

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* This is an extreme weather program that engages students in hands-on learning about the science behind flooding. Students will learn about the issue, understand the science behind flooding, develop a flood resilience plan for their school, take action to combat flooding in their communities and report on the impact from their […]

Energy Revealed Challenge

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* Get students to take action to reduce energy consumption as they become Energy Managers! Learners participate in a School Earth Hour event to raise awareness about energy efficiency at their schools. This program encourages them to be environmentally friendly by making small changes towards using energy more wisely. This program is […]

Re-Energy Challenge

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* Re-Energy Challenge is a fun and engaging science activity where learners (grades 4-12) have the opportunity to build a working model of a solar oven, a wind turbine, a hydroelectric generator, a ­­biogas generator, an electric vehicle or an energy storage system—so they can see firsthand how applied science is helping […]

Canadian Outdoor Learning Free Virtual Workshops

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* Outdoor learning offers a host of social, mental, and academic outcomes for your students that they can benefit from year-round. Outdoor educators will share some ideas, tips, and tools to extend successful outdoor learning into the winter months.  

Keepers Series: Keepers of Life: Discovering Plants through Native American Stories and Earth Activities for Children

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* The first paperback edition of Keepers of Life from the incredibly popular Keepers series. These bestselling books have been long-time favourites with educators for their innovative approach to teaching children about Native cultures and the environment. Each book, co-authored by Joseph Bruchac and Michael J. Caduto, combines Native legends with information […]

Water – The Sacred Relationship

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* Water – The Sacred Relationship, is the result of a three year research project by Native Counselling Services of Alberta that features a documentary film, educational curriculum and a public policy research article. Guided by a circle of Cree Elders and led by a team of Aboriginal and Western Scientists, The […]