Teaching Guide: How will we fix climate change? Tai Asks Why podcast

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* This episode of Tai Asks Why explores the causes of climate change and the role students can play in fighting those causes. Possible teaching connections include Social Studies, Language, Science and 21st Century Skills. This teaching guide includes a lesson plan, slideshow, ad-free audio for download, activity sheets, discussion questions and […]

From Sea to Sea to Sea: Celebrating Indigenous Picture Books

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* From board books to picture books for older readers, this collection is a selection of 100 of the best books by Indigenous authors, many illustrated by Indigenous artists, published in Canada and currently in print. The titles reflect the diverse First Nations, Métis, and Inuit cultures, languages, perspectives, and experiences from […]

50+ Articles on Climate Change

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* Click to download this document including over 50 journal and news articles compiled by Dr. Louise Comeau to use as classroom resources and professional learning for climate change educators.

Raccoon Circles

​*Resource en Anglais Seulement* This field of Raccoon Circle training provides hundreds of activities, adventure-based learning opportunities, teachable moments and facilitated learning, using a simple, and inexpensive prop. It is the perfect resource for day and resident camp counselors, playground teachers, recreational therapists, group work and teamwork specialists, wilderness trip leaders, wilderness youth-at-risk programs, corporate […]

Flow Learning

​*Resource en Anglais Seulement* Flow Learning provides a simple framework that allows you to structure nature awareness classes for best effect. You can meet people where they are in interest and energy level, and then guide them step-by-step toward more meaningful and profound nature experiences.


*Resource en Anglais Seulement* The Back to Nature Network, in partnership with Humber College, is excited to offer Ready…Set…Wonder! a tool for early years educators to use in providing opportunities for children to connect with nature on a regular basis. In this practical guide, you will find a large number of easy-to-use prompts, which can […]

Connecting The Dots

*Resource en Anglais Seulement* Connecting the Dots focuses on learning strategies and the ways of organizing learning experiences; the “how to” of learning. These learning strategies involve students as engaged learners, learning within the context of their communities and addressing relevant, local issues. The learning strategies advanced in this document are not new. They are […]

Destination Nature

Destination Nature est un guide d’enseignement unique qui habilite l’enseignement de tous les sujets liés au programme d’études ontarien en plein air et en nature. Le guide contient les logistiques, les ressources et les expériences d’apprentissage pour enseigner en nature.

Indigenous S.T.E.A.M Collaborative

*Ressource en anglais seulement* The Indigenous STEAM Collaborative co-designs, implements, and shares land based educational materials developed in collaboration with families, communities, and educators and research. We foreground Indigenous knowledge systems – roles, relations, responsibilities, and gifts between and within human and other-than-human communities – and intergenerational arrangements in teaching and learning. These materials are […]