Job Function Action Guides

The Drawdown Labs Job Function Action Guides are practical and shareable resources that highlight specific, high-impact climate actions employees in common corporate professions can take at work. Each guide includes why your role and skills are needed in addressing climate change, tangible actions you can take to make your job a climate job, and key considerations and […]

David Suzuki Foundation: Science and Learning Centre

Welcome to the David Suzuki Foundation’s free online library containing more than two decades’ worth of original science, research and policy work. This library is a resource for scientists, researchers, journalists, students, activists and others. We hope it helps connect you with the work of our Science and Policy experts, advancing our collective knowledge of the […]

The role of climate change education on individual lifetime carbon emissions

Abstract: Climate change is an urgent global issue, with demands for personal, collective, and governmental action. Although a large body of research has investigated the influence of communication on public engagement with climate change, few studies have investigated the role of interpersonal discussion. Here we use panel data with 2 time points to investigate the […]

Climate Change Survey Results

LSF’s newest climate change survey aims to assess Canadians’ knowledge, understanding, and perceptions of climate change and its risks, and to explore views on climate change education in Canada. This survey compares current results to our 2019 benchmark survey and provides recommendations to all sectors to support climate learning.  These results illustrate how the general […]

Guide to Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals

This guide is designed for educators or anyone who would like to teach young people about the  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals — also known as the SDGs or the Global Goals — cover a wide range of sustainability issues; highlighting local, national and international priority areas to end poverty and hunger, improve health and education, make […]

Closing the Gap: Carbon Pricing for the Paris Target

This report provides an estimate of the additional carbon price that would be needed to achieve Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target in 2030 under the Paris Agreement, as well as an estimate of the corresponding impact on the Canadian economy.